I Love Graveyards?!

This was probably one of the most unexpectedly fun days I have had in Dublin. I was in Glasnevin one morning and had no plans for the rest of the day. I decided to take advantage of my proximity to the largest cemetery in Ireland, as well as the Botanic Gardens, which I'd been meaning to take a day strolling around. As soon as I walked in the entrance to the cemetery, a woman came up to me and asked how to get into the gardens. Since I'd planned on going myself, I told her I'd walk with her and show her the way. I couldn't quite place her accent, so I asked where she was from. And that is how I came to know the wonderful Pandora of New Orleans. 

Pandora and I spent the next three hours in the gardens together. We chatted about ourselves, and a lot about the flowers. She knew it all, and wasn't shy to share. Pandora can only be described as a character. She is something straight out a movie. A larger than life personality. And the type of person that reminds you of a bunch of different people, all wrapped up in one.

She was most excited to see the rose garden. She has a lot of roses in her own garden, and they're her favourite. She would gasp as she walked up to each new flower and take a photo.

As we were walking out of the rose gardens and crossing a bridge to another area, I noticed this old typewriter at the bottom of the stream. I wanted so badly to go fish it out.

Just before we started on the many greenhouses, we came across this really cool art piece. One of the best parts of walking around was all of the art. All kinds of sculptures and instalments tucked away where you'd least expect them.

Then, we checked out all of the indoor plants. Of which there was no shortage.

I really liked these guys below. They looked like snakes to me.

We went back outside and headed for the veggie garden.

How massive are these cabbages?!

We ended with a stroll through a more wooded area. It was looking very autumny with all of the birds and changing colours.

A peek at the original viking hut on the way out (below). 

We parted ways as Pandora went on to see some more attractions and I stayed to look through the cemetery.

Growing up, my mom always loved cemeteries. I thought it was the weirdest and creepiest thing ever. I think something changed when I went to a cemetery that had a lot of babies. It struck me that every gravestone was a person. A person who had family, and friends, and a whole life. A person who had hopes and dreams, failures and successes. But there's no way of knowing what that person went through from just a gravestone. Makes you think. If someone was standing at your gravestone 100, 200 years from now, what would you want them to know about you?

How cool is this one?! The tree was growing around it on both sides. Probably the only thing keeping it upright!

I thought that this one above and the one below on the left were really cool. The one below has a metal flag. I don't think I've seen that anywhere else.

It was a really good day. With lots of walking. I went home happy and sore. On to the next adventure!