Sara and Alix Take Denmark

Surprise! I went to Denmark. I just couldn't pass up the chance to visit my best friend while we were a little bit closer together. And, of course, the chance to visit another country never hurts.

It was an especially meaningful visit because Sara is the person who inspired me to live in Ireland. When I met her, she talked about how one day she'd be living in Denmark. The idea of actually living outside of the country had never seemed real to me. It seemed like something that would only happen in a movie. When I fell in love with Ireland, the seed was planted in my mind. And well, we all know how that went! She inspired me to step out of my comfort zone, follow my dreams, and be couragous! I can never thank her enough for that. 

After all of the (loud) excitement at the airport from our reunion, we had to find some food. I'd been up since 3, so I was hungry! And boy, was there some strange stuff at the grocery store. 

It was also interesting to see the different packaging on products I already knew!

And then there was this.... "seriously hungry? double up..."

Also, apparently holiday is a flavor. I saw lots of things in various stores with this flavor!

There was also... this... which I couldn't avoid noticing. I had to ask what on earth it was. Turns out, it's some kind of restaurant! It says "American style buffet" on the sign, but there's no buffet inside..

From there we kind of just wandered the streets and went shopping.

How cute are their skinny little fire hydrants?

For those of you who don't know, Sara and I lived together last summer in Ireland. So we of course had to check out the Irish pub for old-times sake!

There were so many bikes around. And they were all so freaking cute! I could've just taken pictures of bikes the entire time. Let's be glad I didn't.

The next morning was the start of the taste testing! We tried a bunch of different breakfast pastries. I wasn't in love with any of them, but they were all so interesting to try, and so different from each other.

Then, the sun came out for a brief moment so we ran upstairs to the roof to check out the view. And it was beautiful!


We spent the day lounging around and catching up. Then, as soon as it was dark out, we had to take advantage of the Christmas market that was opening and go look through all the stalls!

Everything there was sooo pretty. We tried a couple different foods there as well. My fave was their hot dogs! I loaded up on the toppings to get the full experience and was super glad I did. After we'd walked through the whole thing, we went home and tried a bunch of different drinks. The first isn't Christmas-y, but it was really yummy and fun! They're sour shots. The alcohol content is a lot lower than a regular spirit, but it definitely packs a punch on the taste. 

Next was the Christmas beer. It was my favorite out of them all. A bit stronger than Carlsberg or Heineken. Then: Food break! We tried Æbleskiver. Which kind of sounds like "apple skewer" But there's no apple in them! They're eaten with a kind of jam and powdered sugar.

Then, glögg. Their version of mulled wine. It comes with raisins and almonds in the bottom. We also tried a different kind of Christmas beer. This one has a much lower alcohol content, and its mixed with orange soda. About the same amount you'd put in if you were mixing a drink with spirits. It was a much more mellow taste.

The next morning the tasting continued. This is Sara's favorite breakfast that they do. It's a kind of more liquid yogurt, then rye bread sprinkled on top, and sugar sprinkled over it all. It was a really interesting texture, and actually a much better taste than I expected! I think I could only ever eat a little bit at a time.

Then, believe it or not, we did more shopping!

They have these signs on a lot of the streets. They explain the history of the street, and they're super cool.

On our way back from shopping, we stopped at the Christmas tree lighting. 

The sunrise on my last morning was absolutely spectacular.

We had one last walk through town to pick up a few last minute goodies.

And we walked back through the Christmas market by day.

And then, sadly, it was time to go. We couldn't resist taking a picture with this wonderfully ridiculous sign. What does it mean? No one knows.