What I Ate This Week: 5-11 October

MONDAY: Carrot and Sweet Potato Soup

I wanted to start off my soup week with this sweet potato focused soup. We had some at home that I wanted to try out in a soup, thus this recipe was found!


One of the grocery stores nearby sells lots of different ready-to-cook dinners, which is super handy. I'd been wanting to try their salmon dinner since I first got here. In it, you get 2 fillets with a disk of lemon herb butter on each for €6. All you have to do is pop it in the oven for 15 minutes. Since Killian doesn't like salmon, he was having a breaded fish that we had at home. I am sad to report that it did not taste that great! It was very fishy, bland, and just not the best salmon I've had. Probably one of the worst ones, actually. Oh well!

WEDNESDAY: Cauliflower Chowder & Parmesan Garlic Potato Wedges

Picture by Damn Delicious

My next soup was a combination between this soup recipe and this chowder recipe. I also wanted to make a side to give the dinner more of a texture. I went for potato wedges. I must say, I won't be making this again. The cauliflower was the overpowering taste. So if that's your thing, go for it! But the texture and flavour of cauliflower has never been my favourite. It was okay enough to choke down for dinner without having to make something entirely new, but just not impressive. I ended up using the bacon and corn from the second recipe and just adding those to the first recipe. The potato wedges weren't too bad, but could've used some more flavour. All in all, a bust. On to the next!

THURSDAY: Stir Fry & Egg Drop Soup

Picture by Gimme Some Oven

I wanted to do a strictly veggie stir fry, but add in a bit more substance with this egg drop soup. I went for a meatless day. Not vegan by any means, but suitable for most vegetarians. For the stir fry, I cooked up some broccoli, carrots, bok choy (pak choi here), onion, and pea pods (snow peas). I added in some ginger, garlic, and soy sauce until everything was tender. Then, I made the soup minus the sesame oil, and split the broth between chicken and beef because I didn't realise I was so low! It actually came out not so bad for the deviations. We both ended up having seconds. I'd love to try this again and stick to the recipe precisely!

FRIDAY: Broccoli Cheddar Soup

One of my friends made this really, and I mean really, good broccoli cheddar soup. I figured I'd give it a shot myself with this recipe I found. The good news: It came out almost exactly like I remembered! The bad news: Oh man, it's not healthy. I had to use cream rather than evaporated milk, because I couldn't find that here. But it came out so so yummy. It's definitely one I'll keep making. I'll just save it as a treat, rather than a weekly kind of meal.

SATURDAY: Melt-in-Your-Mouth Chicken

Picture by Lovin the Oven

I've tried this recipe before, but haven't made it in a really long time. It's a healthier option when you want a moist, flavourful chicken. I don't have much to say about this other than it's just as I remember: yummy and moist! Skip the rice if you want to keep it healthier (or go with a brown rice or better grain like quinoa). Load up with lots of yummy veggies on the side!

SUNDAY: Stuffed Flank Steak

Picture by Family Circle

My last attempt of the week was this yummy looking stuffed flank steak. This was a meh meal. It came out a bit pink, even after I cooked it for a lot longer than I felt comfortable with. The taste was pretty good. I roasted a red pepper myself and used that, and it added some nice flavour without being too overpowering. And that was pretty much it!