Galway Girl

Coast to coast in a week with Killian. This time we were on the west coast of Ireland, in the heart of Galway. Killian had an event to attend for work on Wednesday, so I tagged along to check out Galway. Even though it's one of the better known cities in Ireland, I'd not managed to properly visit last summer when I was on the west coast. We stopped for maybe an hour on our way to Doolin. So it was exciting to be able to go back and see more of the town.

We stayed in an apartment complex that's part of a hotel in the city. The apartments have huge windows and balconies that overlook the city centre. It was pretty nice! They also lots of space- a big bedroom, big bathroom, and full kitchen. Not to mention the electric fireplace!

The view was amazing. And we lucked out with some more fantastic weather! After the work event, we went out for a couple of drinks. Galway at night is a pretty nice sight. Lots of pubs and LOTS of people out and about. Also, how funny is the guy in the picture below?

The next day after Killian was finished working, we had a look around town before we headed home. We stopped in a candy shop and enjoyed the seaside views. Much different from Arklow!

Then, we checked out the church in town. The stained glass was stunning. They also had some original tapestries that were held together just by the glass casing. Crazy!

We finished up our stroll around town with some lunch. In the second picture below, you can see the original makers of the claddagh ring! It was another wonderful little adventure. On to the next!