The Rock of Dunamase

On Saturday, Killian and I went to see the Rock of Dunamase, also known as the Dunamase Castle. It's not too far from where we're living, and it's been on my wishlist for years! It's one of the castles that's more in ruins than still standing up. But I love that kind of thing. The drive out was beautiful. It's all countryside and cows and sheep. It was actually a lot bigger in person than I had anticipated from the few pictures that are online. It's not one of the bigger attractions, especially as far as castles go around here!

Luckily there weren't too many people. There was the occasional other couple or family that wandered in, but none stayed very long. We took our time looking around the place. And enjoying the view from up top! It was stunning. You could see all the farms and houses and hills surrounding the area. It was a wonderful vantage point. I could've stayed up there all day admiring the view! Another beauty crossed off the list.