Surviving the Cliffs of Moher

This weekend trip was probably the craziest of all. We spent two nights in Doolin, right next to the famous Cliffs of Moher. The hostel we stayed in was actually pretty adorable (pictured above and below).

Right across the street from the hostel was a donkey!!!! We were most likely too excited about that. Scratch that, there's no such thing as too excited about a donkey this cute. We named him George. And visited him as often as possible.

The first night we got in, we arrived pretty late. So we immediately looked for somewhere to eat. We underestimated the "small town". It was SMALL. There was only one restaurant open, so of course that's where we had dinner! Below is the picture at our table- it depicts the three of us. The left is me, middle is Sara, and right is Emily.

It had the coziest vibe. And great music!

Not to mention the adorable waiter/bartender who we named Nevil. His real name was Barry. (Pictured below in the blue button down)

We went straight to bed after dinner so we could get up early the next morning. As soon as we woke up, we were off! We left the small town of Doolin behind and headed for the magnificent Cliffs of Moher. Remember the tower on the left in the photo below. It will come into play later in the story!

Our journey started off with a horse sitting in front of a castle. It was pretty majestic.

The opportunities to take photos were endless. There were SO MANY horses and cows and sheep. Not to mention we were walking along the water. And, I mean, it's Ireland.

A long hike up the steep countryside was highly rewarded with this incredible view:

But we still had more hill left to climb!

And then, we got our first real glimpse of the Cliffs of Moher. Holy wow.

Now this is where tragedy struck. See the photo above? Yeah. Emily dropped her phone. Off the cliff. The Cliffs of Moher. After a minor panic attack, we decided to retrieve it. After all, we were at the only part of the cliffs where there was a sliver of rocks below offering a "beach" for the phone to land on. We figured we'd grab the remains of the phone, take out the card, and go buy a new one when we got back into town. So we hunted for a way down. And climbed down the cliffs oh-so-carefully to look for the phone. Only, it started to look as though the phone had landed on an edge along the way. And we were quickly losing hope. When all of a sudden Emily screamed at us, so we came running, and she had found the phone! Not only had she found it, it was still working. Thank goodness for Otterbox!

Then, came the horrifying hike back up. See, we had run out of water far before we even reached the top of the cliffs. And it was not the coldest day, at all. Plus, it was a freaking cliff! When we surfaced over the edge at the top, we stumbled into a very startled elderly Irish couple. They were speechless for several minutes at how we had appeared from the cliff. Then, they quickly offered us the rest of their water and a few of their mints. They sat with us while we laid down and caught our breath, chatting about their little trip and what we were doing in Ireland - and scaling cliffs.

Below, you can see the sliver of beach we were on- and the green part behind that we climbed! We were exhausted at this point, so we quickly made our way to the visitors center and hopped on a bus back to Doolin.

We went back to the cozy restaurant for a much-needed meal and a few drinks.

After dinner, we ventured into the night and explored a castle.

And that was our crazy weekend trip to Doolin!