A Very White Christmas

I was going to wait and make this blog post a lot more complete with pictures and videos from the trip, but I'm too eager to share and it's almost May now. How did that happen?!

My mini me came to visit me at lunch the day they got in. We gorged ourselves on Corner Bakery (and she thoughtfully gave me all of her strawberries because she knows they're my fave).

Let the sleepovers commence! We cuddled up and watched movies, piled on the stuffed animals, and snuggled in for the night.

With it being so close to Christmas, we had to get her letter to Santa written in time. It just absolutely warmed my heart.

We had to get out and do something fun since we never see each other. And what's more fun than a trampoline warehouse? Killian had arrived at this point, so we headed over for our first time jumping.

Boy, do I remember trampolining to be easier! We all had to take frequent breaks. Even Brooke was exhausted!

Our favorite was the foam pit. Our least favorite was climbing out of the foam pit. It was nearly like quicksand!

The fun didn't end there. We bundled our tired selves up and headed to Gardner Village.

We roamed around the village looking for their hidden elves in a scavenger hunt. And got some sneaky treats along the way in the taffy shop!

We had one more festive excursion left before Christmas. I used to go to the temple as a kid to see the Christmas lights and decorated windows and absolutely loved it. 20 years later, the whole family got together and walked the grounds together the day before Christmas Eve (Christmas Eve Eve?).

Without a snowflake in sight, we crossed our fingers and hoped for a Christmas miracle.

Our wish was granted! It snowed all of Christmas eve, through the night, and on through Christmas Day!

After opening our presents & eating breakfast, we set off to play in the snow.

There was a lot of snow.

When Brooke finally wore out, Killian and I headed further up the mountain in snowshoes.

What do you think went through this deer's mind when she so suddenly veered back down the mountain?

It was pretty much the best Christmas gift we could've asked for!

Soon after, it was time to ring in the new year with a cozy night in by the fire.

Then, it was back to exploring! We met up with my cousin Randy and headed back up the mountain in hopes of making it all the way up to Donut Falls this time. If you haven't already, check out my previous post on Donut Falls from autumn here.

We quickly discovered that although the trail was packed, if you stepped too many inches off of the trail, you would instantly sink hip-deep into the snow.

Unfortunately I can't find most of my photos from the hike, so you'll have to enjoy some of Randy's awesome ones instead!

On my hike to Donut Falls in the autumn, we hadn't gotten all the way up to the falls since it was too slick. This time we were able to use the snow to make our way up. The view was absolutely worth it!

It was pretty clear on our way up, but started snowing soon after arriving to the falls.

We were soaking wet and cold, but happy as can be by the time we reached the bottom of the trail.

Our next stop was Park City. Had to get some skiing in for Killian! Our first night was spent eating yummy Italian in Bodega and watching the start of prep for the Sundance Film Festival along the main street.

The next couple of days were spent skiing and exploring all the beautiful shops and old buildings.

We ended our trip with a couple of drinks in the Wasatch pub.

Then strolled along the street to check out the Sundance progress before the festival chaos began.

Our last adventure was a date night to see the Jazz play the Lakers.

Now, it's only one month left until we're back to our usual in Dublin!

But it was great to have Killian over to meet so much of my family and see the places I grew up.