The Hike to 🍩 Falls

Back in November when I had first arrived to Utah, we went on a hike to Donut Falls. It was a crisp autumn day with lots of critters and beautiful scenery.

There's two different parking lots. One at the base of the trail and one at the main road. The upper lot was closed for the season, so there's a bit of a walk on along the road up to the actual trail. It's all uphill, but paved so not too bad.

Almost as soon as we got to the trail head the temperature dropped FAST. It was fairly cold, and there were patches of frost here and there. I was excited because it's nice to hike in colder weather rather than overheating.

Despite the cold it was still sunny and gorgeous out. There were so many moments where the sun was shining through the trees in just the most perfect way and I was making more progress taking pictures than walking the trail.

We eventually got to a little bridge to cross the stream, so we knew we were getting closer.

After crossing the bridge, we came across a coupe hiking together. We were talking to them when suddenly and silently a pair of two huge moose came out at the bridge a few feet away! We had heard from another woman hiking on the way up that she'd seen a mom and babies much farther down, but we luckily hadn't crossed their path. We all stood incredibly still and stayed silent until they had made their way upstream a bit.

We climbed down an enormous boulder and then we could finally hear the falls!

It was an incredibly dry year in Utah, so there wasn't a whole lot of water. There was, however, a decent amount of ice. There's a bigger waterfall at the top, and in some of the pictures above you can see some people climbing it. We weren't dressed for it however, and it was too slippery for comfort. If you do want to see the falls at the top, however, keep your eyes peeled here because I'll be posting some pictures from Killian's trip here and we did make it to the top!

We enjoyed the falls for a while before heading back down the trail. 

On our way down, we came across the start of a beaver dam!

Even some of the stream in this area was frozen with the water running below the ice.

In some spots there was the tiniest reminder of fall left.

While heading down, we came across a few signs of our moose friends, including a huge chunk of hair, bare patches on the trees, and lots of poop.

It was the perfect little hike and a wonderful way to end the season. Stay tuned to see the falls in the snow! [spoiler: it's gorgeous]