Killiney Hill

Anyone else ever fall victim to Instagram wanderlust? I saw this picture someone posted from Killiney Hill years ago and have wanted to go ever since. It finally happened, and let me tell you, I was not let down!

Right away the path was surrounded by greenery. The epitome of Ireland. It was also an incredibly foggy day, which added a little spooky beauty to the whole vibe.

You climb up quite a bit until you start getting to the point where you'd normally have some gorgeous views. Unfortunately with all of the fog, those views were a pure whiteout. Luckily the trail was pretty enough on its own! Once you get up to the top there's some old ruins like this tower, which you could go into the bottom of.

We started back down the other side and popped into the tea rooms for a little treat to warm us up. (yes, it is summer in Ireland)

The trail came out into a nice park area with lots of grass and a small playground (not pictured).

There was a fork in the path, one going down and one going up. We went for another uphill climb, which actually ended up looking over the other path (which you could see slightly through all of the clouds).

The trail wound around another old building before starting back downhill. 

There was a long stairway leading down to the path below that we'd been parallel to but we kept on our own. It took us down past a little seaside neighbourhood. 

Eventually the path ended and we were actually in a neighbourhood. The road slowly wound down towards the main street that we'd parked on, next to a stretch of beach.

A set of stairs took us through some more gorgeous wildflowers to a surprisingly sandy beach, where we hung out for a while enjoying the waves until the tide came too high up.

All in all it was the perfect excuse to get out and get some fresh air. We'll definitely have to go back on a clearer day for some gorgeous sea views! Where to next?