A Day Trip To Wexford

I'll be the first to admit that I took this little day trip over a month ago. But it was such a pretty area of Ireland that I just had to put a few pictures up here! I was in the car most of the time, so they aren't the best shots. But it shows just how pretty the countryside is in Wexford county.

What a way to be greeted into the county: Gorgeous fields of yellow flowers! I wasn't sure what they were, but they'd pop up now and then. The colour was so vibrant and really popped in the middle of all of the green fields. I later Googled to find out what they were and it looked like Rapeseed. That's a common oil over here to cook with, so that made sense. But I later saw something saying that Rapeseed and Canola are commonly mistaken and are often mislabelled in oils. If you want to read more on it, check out this blog. It's pretty interesting! 

Something else I really loved was all of the little ruins tucked into fields and towns. They're pretty standard across Ireland in general, but it still hasn't gotten old with this American. There's nothing that makes my heart happier than a good cow/castle combo. If you were a cow, wouldn't you want to enjoy the shade of an old castle ruin? Just me? Hmm....

At one point there was a river that the road went over. It was so perfect with all of the sun filtering down through the branches. The leave still hadn't fully come out at this stage on some trees. But just imagine this little spot in full summer glory with the wind in the branches. Paradise, no?

On the way back to Dublin, the views of Enniscorthy were some of my faves. It's an adorable little town along the river. There's a round tower in Ferrycarrig above the water on the way out (or the way in, depending on which way you're coming!) and this little building nestled in some vibrant yellow shrubs. (I Googled those shrubs too and it looks like they might be Furze!) Across the road was a Norman tower. I'm not entirely sure what the small building used to be, but it may have been a part of the war monument.

After looking up the round tower, I found out that there used to be a pub down along the water where you can see the dock now. I found another old postcard type of image from even further back that I've included below the picture from 2016. Pretty cool!

Photo from boards.ie

My last photo was from a wonderful guy I met. He lived in an old Norman fort. He told me a story about the bell you can see in the picture below. It's the original bell. But apparently it used to be way high up in the tree behind the wall it's in now. His family would ring it at midnight every new years eve until one year, the clapper (centre) of the bell fell down and nearly hit one of them. So they had it taken out of the tree and put into the wall where it is today. It was such a wonderful property, and he was such a nice guy!

I know it's not as much as I normally post, but that was my quick day trip down to Wexford! I loved its quaint towns and countrysides. I'll definitely try to get back there for another visit in the future.