Okay so I'm a month overdue. But we went to Wales! Killian surprised me with a hop over to Cardiff for the night. I saw some gorgeous buildings, adorable arcades, and a whole lot of drunk people stumbling around like zombies.

We had a view of the railway, some really cool old buildings, and an interesting fist statue from our hotel room.

We went to dinner in the hotel that night, and oh my gosh I thought Irish was hard to read, check out their version of Gaelic! How do you even say Bwyty?!

Above was the beautiful building across the street from our hotel. It was actually a bar, surprise! I think that's too pretty of a building to have techno lights at night. It was a definite stag/hen party place (bachelor/bachelorette parties) so everyone was pretty drunk. It didn't help that most bars had insanely cheap shots and drink deals. It did provide some entertainment as we walked around!

Below is the first arcade we came across. They're little covered streets with shops in them. Things like tiny clothing shops, boutiques, and so on. This first one was the Royal Arcade.

Actually, there are a ton of shops in Cardiff as a whole, not just in the arcades. The streets are lined with clothing shops, bars, and the occasional restaurant. There were lots of people out on the streets, most of them tourists. We didn't hear any Welsh accents! Booo.

It started raining so we ducked into a shopping centre. We found a Krispy Kreme and obviously had to get donuts since we don't have one in Ireland! I definitely miss American donuts. We waited out the rain with a pretty view & some people watching.

We left when the sun came back out and continued our exploring.

We walked through an arcade to the castle. It had this gorgeous tower with all of this detailing on the top.

Unfortunately it cost to go on the grounds or in the castle, and it was expensive. Plus, it was in sterling, so it would've been really pricey. Since we've already gone in a bunch of castles that look really similar, we voted a strong no. Instead we walked along the castle wall and admired all of the creepy animal statues along the way.

There's a beautiful park behind the castle that had this gorgeous old door at the entrance. Me & my door obsession.

I mean how beautiful is this view?! Not a bad place to picnic.

After walking through one section of the park (it was massive!) we decided to try and find the museum. Museums in Europe tend to be free, which is awesome. There was a sports event going on in that area so that was interesting to see on our walk over.

On our walk back towards the hotel, we saw this statue that someone had hilariously placed an apple juice carton in the hand of.

We got decked out in our Leinster gear and watched the rugby game against Cardiff before hopping on the bus back to the airport.

They give out the cutest little minis of alcohol on the plane! And no, those were not all mine. I also looooved these bacon fries. Mmmm.

Thanks for the memories, Cardiff!