Cliffwalking in Bray

Our first day trip by ourselves was the Bray to Greystones cliffwalk. I went with Emily, and my roommates Sara and Lewis.

We took the train down to Bray along the coast. We were amazed by how beautiful the view was coming in. It was only a short walk through the town to the start of the cliff walk.

Our first stop was, of course, the ice cream shop. How can you enjoy a beautifully sunny day without an ice cream cone? You just don't.

Cones finished, we started our hike.

We came across these old ruins at the start, which was really cool. I think maybe I should live in ruins. Somewhere warmer, and drier than Ireland though....

It was such an absolutely perfect day. The sky was so clear and the views were unbelievable.

We stopped for a quick lunch break/breather. We enjoyed the view while we ate the food we had packed in. Fruit in Ireland is entirely different than America. Lesson learned.

Somehow, we got distracted by some stairs, and next thing you know we're climbing up the actual cliff and it's steeper than any of us expected and we're dying. But the view at the top was even better!

After a much needed rest at the top, we decided to head to the giant cross we could see across the way. Of course, we stopped to take a selfie on the way over. And of course, Sara photobombed.

Somehow, each stop we made, the view just kept getting better and better. How can the water be that color? GORGEOUS! We all split up and had some moments to ourselves while we took in all of Bray and the East coast.

After all of that hiking, we were kind of starving. We had really only packed snack foods. So we started making our way back down to the train station again.

Our little adventure ended with a nice message from some random stranger out there. Kind of perfect for the day we had, don't you think?