Lunch at Guinness Lake

A couple of weekends ago we went over to Guinness Lake, or Lough Tay, in Wicklow for a little lunch. I'd gone briefly before, but it was on a tour bus, and we had driven from Glendalough. This time we were coming in from the opposite direction. So the scenery was all very different. It's also different in the spring than it was in the summer, when I was there last.

The absolute best part was seeing all of the sheep grazing right along the road. There are so many lambs right now, so I got to see a few up close and personal! Killian stopped next to a few pairs, but once they realised we were there they were pretty quick to put a little distance between us. Below you can see a picture of one of the lambs hidden behind a bare shrub. Not the best picture, but so close! Before they moved I could've reached out of the car window and touched them. On the way home we saw a ram, also pictured below.

Eventually, after many crazy winding roads, we had our first view of the lake.

It wasn't far from there. We carried our little lunch up to a pair of rocks overlooking the lake. Oh my goodness it was cold. So we didn't stay for long! We ate, took some pictures, and then got back in the car to thaw out a little bit.

Below you can see a little bit more of the estate and gardens. How beautiful is the little river running through? Part of Vikings was filmed down there.

On our way back, we stopped at the bridge from PS I Love You. This whole area is from the part of the movie where they meet and walk along the road together.

We actually started climbing up the waterfalls, to get better pictures, when Killian came across this little tiny Christmas tree!

The view was beautiful. We climbed higher and higher up the falls.

Eventually we stopped because it was cold, soggy, and seemingly never-ending. We took a few final pictures of the view before heading down.

You just can't beat Wicklow's natural beauty.