August Book Recommendations

This month was a little disappointing on the book front. But I have a few short reads that'll help pass the time.


Okay I'm going to start with a book that I actually didn't read this month, but did read a few years ago. Why? Because she's just released a second book! This is a true story about Jaycee Dugard, a girl who was kidnapped at a young age, held in a man's house, and lived through the births of his children. It's a really gripping story. One she tells very well, actually. This new book covers her life since, and is written as a series of "firsts". It's not getting as great of reviews, but the first book was incredible. Definitely don't miss out on A Stolen Life


I would go so far as to say this book was a fad this summer. People were talking about it everywhere! So I finally caved and got a copy for myself this month. I'll say I wasn't disappointed, but I don't think I was as impressed as everyone else. The story follows a wealthy family who owns a small island that they visit over the summers. It's told through the eyes of one of the granddaughters of the head of the family. She mentions that she suffers an injury at the beginning of the story, and the rest of the book follows her attempt to regain memory of what happened. I figured out the "big plot twist" about halfway through, but still enjoyed the story for what it was: a coming of age story centered around some rich kids and their friend.

Graphic Novel

I was introduced to graphic novels in high school with Maus. Of course, I haven't found anything to beat those books yet, but I decided to give this one a shot since it had such great reviews. It's incredibly short (think magazine), so you can easily read it in one sitting. When the Wind Blows is about an English couple who live in the country and prepare for the nuclear attack. It's such a perfect illustration of innocence, as well as the affects of radiation. It's well-written in that the entire story manages to keep an upbeat, but maybe slightly melancholy feel to it. There's a film for the story as well that I haven't watched, but may have to get my hands on now.


My last book recommendation this month could be considered a kids book. It's told through the eyes of a girl, Brine, who was abandoned at sea as a baby. She grew up under a machine's care until she runs away with his apprentice and ends up on a pirate ship. From there, the story really resembles Pirates of the Caribbean in my opinion. There's sea monsters and armies of the living dead and so on. The book follows the characters in their journey to find the magical north, or the source of all of the magic in the world. It's a really fun, easy read that brings a little bit of magic back into your life.

What books have you read this month? Did you check out any from my July recommendations? Leave a comment below! And give this post a like if you want to see more book recommendations in the future.