What I Ate This Week: 21-27 September

All in all, this was a pretty healthy week. The main focus: CHICKEN. Chicken with pesto. Chicken on pizza. Ooey gooey stuffed chicken. Light lemony chicken. Winner winner chicken dinner!

MONDAY: Chicken Pesto Sandwich

Picture by Damn Delicious

I started off the week with something super easy. A sandwich! I think this would actually make a yummy lunch, so I'm filing it away in my memory for future packed lunches at work. The most time-consuming part was cooking and shredding the chicken, which is really minimal effort, and can be done the night before. In fact, you can add in the pesto and yogurt the night before, and pre-slice the cheese/tomatoes, so all you need to do when ready is assemble!

TUESDAY: Cauliflower Crust Chicken Margheritta Pizza

Picture by Fitness Magazine

Now this dinner was not as simple, but is definitely a healthier option. I have been wanting to make a pizza topped with mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, and chicken, but I wanted a healthier choice rather than the typical crust. I've made a cauliflower crust once before, but I found that it was really hard to pick up  and eat like a normal piece of pizza. So I found this recipe that I wanted to try out. The verdict? Meh. I definitely preferred the crust with the added in goats cheese. However, I'm still left with a soggy crust that I can't easily pick up and eat, let alone transfer off of the baking sheet. I shall continue looking for the perfect crisp cauliflower crust.

To make the pizza sauce, I roasted a few tomatoes (halved), an onion (halves), and a few cloves of garlic, drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. I combined those, along with basil, oregano, and parmesan cheese, in a blender until smooth. This was the best part, by far!

WEDNESDAY: Spinach Feta Chicken

Picture by Sarah

Okay, time for my fave recipe of the week! This combined two of my favourite things. In life. Spinach and feta. YUM. I added in a little fresh basil when I was cooking down the filling. I cooked some broccoli as a side and I was going back for seconds. And thirds. Will be making this again, for sure!

*Side note: To make this healthier, I went for coconut oil rather than olive oil and crushed almonds rather than bread crumbs.

THURSDAY: Lemon Almond Parmesan Crusted Chicken

Picture by Cooking Classy

Our last homemade meal of the week was this admittedly more summery chicken. Now, I will admit that the recipe itself ended up being more of an inspiration than a closely followed recipe. I stuck with mozzarella and parmesan rather than the provolone and romano. And, as always, I went for the crushed almonds and coconut oil to make it a bit healthier!