Bective Abbey and Trim Castle

Occasionally, on the weekends, we would have time to go out on excursions. One weekend, we went on an abbreviated tour of the Boyne Valley. On the drive, we made a brief stop at an abbey. Bective Abbey was without a doubt one of my top three most favorite places I visited in Ireland. I could've spent an entire day there. In one of the pictures below, you can see what used to be a carved portrait. Now it looks like a smiley face! And the photo below that is of a claustrophobically narrow staircase that has almost completely fallen apart.

Next up was Trim Castle. It was a separate payment to go inside the center of the castle, so we only got to explore the grounds. But it was still beautiful, and there was so much history. We even found a cat to love on! The narrow, rectangular holes were for shooting arrows. Pretty neat! The picture of me against the window captures me in agony because the coffee shop with ice cream is, sadly, closed.