Sara in Denmark | #MyEmigrationStory

Once upon a time, I lived across the hall from this super cute Danish boy at the University of Illinois. After years of long distance, we got hitched and, well, here I am in the Land of Danes! I have a family reunification visa, which basically gives me all the benefits of a Danish citizen (free healthcare and education woohoo!), but it took almost a year to process. Despite becoming a bit despondent due to my inability to work or study while the application was processing, I have gained a year’s worth of experiences in this new country. Allow me to show you Denmark through my eyes – the eyes of an immigrant.


When I first moved to Ireland, I was living in the country for a few months. Behind the house was a large field, which would sometimes have cows grazing. I would see them when I hung my clothes on the line to dry, and watch them in the evenings as they went off to be milked. Obviously cows aren't milked by hand anymore, as it's too slow, so I was really curious about how they're milked now. Flash forward 2 years and I finally got to get up close and personal!